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Gain the knowledge and foundation you need in order to become a successful LMS administrator.  This certificate program is in-depth, yet practical, and covers the skills needed for the role:   

1. Data Entry And Software Skills

2. Project Management

3. Tech Troubleshooting

4. Interpersonal Skills

5. Analytical Skills


LMS Essentials

  • What is an LMS?

  • Skills needed to be a successful admin

  • Setting up the LMS properly

  • Creating a positive learning environment

  • The future of instructional technologies


Online Security

  • Online Security Fundamentals

  • How to Protect Yourself Against Phishing Attacks

  • How to Protect Your Data


Personal Development

  • Assessing Your Strengths, Interests, and Values

  • How to Improve Your Focus at Work

  • Receiving and Seeking Feedback

  • Time Management

  • Time Management Essentials

  • Project Management Scheduling

  • Transitioning to Remote Work

  • The Remote Work Survival Guide


Customer Service

  • Customer Communication Essentials

  • Workplace Communication Basics


Capstone Project

  • Initial LMS Setup

  • Setting up the Organizational Hierarchies 

  • Setting up LMS Notifications

  • Uploading Course Packages

  • Uploading/Creating Users

  • Uploading Legacy Data

  • Running Basic Reports

  • Addressing Help Tickets

Reward your career

  • Get Certified as an LMS Administrator.

  • Gain knowledge and experience from top LMS designers and administrators.

  • Tap into a $28 billion market.

  • Find a career paying $75K per year.


  • Design and set up your own organization

  • Practice the core principles of LMS administration

  • Work seamlessly with management in order to provide the best learning experience.

  • Get free access to ExpandTMS for one full year in order to continue to grow your skills.

Who is this certificate for?

  • Anyone looking to change their career to digital learning.

  • Corporate trainers & facilitators.

  • Learning and development consultants.

  • Learning and development managers.

  • Instructional designers.

  • eLearning developers.

  • Subject matter experts responsible for curriculum development.

  • Higher education professionals.

  • Further education professionals.

  • Anyone interested in starting their own Online content provider business.

* Please note: Payment will be made to Exitou, Inc., our parent company.

7-Day, Money-Back Guarantee

This program is backed by a 7-day, no-questions-asked money-back guarantee. If LDU isn’t right for you, let us know within that timeframe, and we’ll issue a refund right away.

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